Life Journey Struggles

I start with a discussion / assessment which is both conversational and intuitive and delves into the issues, challenges and opportunities in an individuals life. Also, everyone is born into a particular energetic era and has lessons to learn and understanding these always provides insights that are very helpful in creating forgiveness, self compassion, even gratitude for the challenges we have faced and more importantly in moving forward in a lighter way. After I work with the person to set very individual intentions for how they want to move forward. Then I do significant energy work to remove any energy that is holding someone back from moving forward and replace with energy aligned with their intention. Individuals always feel lighter after this with a renewed sense of possibility and have both an intellectual understanding of how to move forward and energy aligned with this understanding.

Working in conjunction with Western Medicine, energy work can help through:

Intention Setting

Setting intentions can be very supportive to our energy and to our journeys. Through conversation and intuitive techniques this approach gets at what is holding us back in our journeys and once identified an intention or intentions for forward movement become clear and can be set.

General Energy Balancing

A powerful technique to open up and balance a person’s energies and activate better energetic flow throughout the entire being. It works many of the human energy systems including the Radiant Circuits which support joyful living.

Chakra & Auric Clearing and Balancing

Energetic patterns that no longer serve us often get stuck in our chakra and auric systems and can inhibit us in moving forward. This technique clears out the stuck energy, replaces it with energy that is supportive to us and leaves the chakra and aura in a balanced and clear state.

Meridian Clearing and Balancing

Energy can get stuck in meridians and this technique clears out any blocked or stuck energy in a meridian and returns the meridian to a balanced state which supports the organs and emotions associated with the meridian.

Black Pearl Technique

A very soothing technique to calm and restore the hypothalamus, it moves negative, fearful thinking towards joy and trust while restoring a sense of inner peace.