About Me
Ed Snyder is a Donna Eden Practitioner and certified Chios® Master healer and teacher, from the Chios® Energy Healing Institute in San Francisco, CA. He spent many years in the corporate world enabling people and organizations to reach their full potential. He has studied and experienced many different energy modalities and found that the Chios® method provides the best way for him to help people achieve their optimal energetic state and restore balance to their life.

He created SalusNorth as a way to refresh, restore and rejuvenate the human energy field which so often gets out of balance with the demands of today’s hectic life. His mission is to help individuals bring balance, harmony and vitality to their life.

Ed enjoys working with people from all walks of life, from those very new to energy work to those who are experienced energy healers.

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My philosophy
Refresh, Rejuvenate, & Restore the Human Energy
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