Identifying energetic defects gives insight into underlying energetic conditions, which have manifested in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Through energy work an individual is assisted in the overall healing process, thus enabling a healthier and more balanced life.

In-Person Energy Session

This session begins with a discussion and energy diagnostics, energy testing and setting of intent. We may discuss energetic framework and the effect it has on your life as well as the things you may struggle with. (This discussion often helps to inform the intent.) I then customize the work we will do to best reach your goals and begin the session. After each session we discuss what happened in the session, how you feel after the work that was done and go over any take-aways. I will also teach you techniques for ongoing selfcare at home.

Chios® Attunement
This is the beginning of opening up to energy work and the first step in learning the Chios® energy technique in order to become a practitioner.
What is a session like?
Each session starts with a brief discussion and assessment of the current physical, emotional and mental state of the client. An intention is set for the healing session. The client will then lie on a massage table, fully clothed in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. The session involves reading and assessment of various components of the human energy system including chakras, auras, meridians, radiant circuits, triple warmer and other energy system. I will then begin the balancing of energy by using some hands off and light touch methods. I also pass along any insights regarding the energetic issues I work on. Sessions generally last around 2 hours.
Distance Energy Session
This is exactly like the in-person energy session, but is engaged via phone or Skype.
Meditation Recording
A guided meditation recording is available for purchase. Contact me for details.